K240 Inbox Brochure

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  • Posted: 14th November 2020 04:28

    Exploring K240

    I'm looking for the original source code for Gremlin's 1994 Amiga game K240, if you can somehow get hold of it. I'm doing a deep-dive into the game's undocumented mechanics and this would really help. My research indicates that Graeme Ing owns a copy of the source code on Amiga floppy disks, but may not currently have access to them as he currently lives in the US. I believe Ian Stewart's company Urbanscan currently owns the copyright on K240. I'd be eager to see ADF file copies of these disks, given the risk of magnetic media degrading over time. Other K240 artefacts which may still exist include Ing's original design document for the game, sprite sheets (some of which once appeared in a CU Amiga magazine), Pete Daniels' original hand-drawn art for the game which I believe he still has, a rare VHS tape advertised by Gremlin with a tutorial to the game, and potentially other files such as alternate versions of the game.
    • Posted: 14th November 2020 08:59


      Graeme can be found on Twitter if you want to ask him:

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