LAZER-TRON Arcade System (Actua Soccer Arcade)

“If you’re a fan of footie then Actua Soccer is a must play at the arcade. With more moves, more commentary, better gameplay and more flexibility than anything else around, Actua Soccer is exactly what the name implies the most realistic soccer game ever! ”

Californian company Lazer-Tron partnered with various software houses to market PC games for new cabinets to arcade owners in the late 90s. The cabinets, based on a Quantum 3D Quicksilver Arcade PC came bundled with interchangeable marquees and control panels for different games. Quake was the first game to be shipped with machines, but company advertisements did also include notification that Actua Soccer was available.









Note that the Actua Soccer Arcade logo differs from the flyer on the arcade machine mockup.

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