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 All woads lead to Tribal Lore.

Strategy fans, get on your knees and give thanks because Tribal Lore from Gremlin Interactive is going to take you to a gameplay nirvana when it’s released on PC this Christmas. Tribal Lore is a 3D magic ‘n’ combat strategy game, with a mind-blowing AI, set in a mystical pseudo-Celtic environment.

Set in the mythical ‘Land’, Tribal Lore explores the relationships, alliances and frequent squabbles among four arcane races. The most ancient of these are the Cruithná – the dreadlocked, woad-painted aboriginal people. They are rumoured to practise human sacrifice.

Their oldest rivals are the Shamanka or copper people, with whom they have shared Land for two thousand years. The Shamanka are taller, lighter of skin than the Cruithná and are the most powerful magicians Land has ever known. After a period of mutual suspicion and some sparring, both these tribes have learned to live in tolerable comradeship.

This all changed with the arrival of two further tribes: the Bruann and the Nammad. The Bruann, with their curious honour culture, are highly warlike with a wildly enthusiastic attitude to battle. The Nammad are a much younger Nordic-type tribe – extremely efficient killers with an excellent understanding of strategy.

Players can choose to take control of any one of the four tribes, each with its own distinct graphic and gameplay nuances. The careful management of the environment will allow growth of wealth & technological resources, allowing the construction of an array of  temples, armouries, strongholds and fortresses.


Exploration will give access to magical sites allowing accumulation of major power. In Tribal Lore, magical power comes from your surroundings, and can be ‘tapped’ via dolmen, menhirs and other standing stones. Your druids can channel this energy in a variety of ways: morphing the terrain, affecting weather conditions, devastating foes or empowering heroes.

Avoiding the more traditional pseudo-medieval period, Tribal Lore’s early setting allows for a distinctive and memorable visual style. This also forms the basis of the internally consistent (rather than historically accurate) design and game-play.

The beautiful 3D engine makes for a completely immersive game world, while contributing significantly to the gameplay. The engine’s stunning graphic capabilities allow animated and interactive terrain including whirlpools, waterfalls, deep forests, snow capped mountain ranges and island archipelagos..

Further options including a scenario game (with missions & a slowly unfolding plot experienced from four perspectives) and full four-player network capabilities put Tribal Lore in a league of its own. It’s certainly one title that every serious gamer should be looking out for.

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Steve McKevitt          Tel: 0114-263-9900    Fax: 0114-276-8581   or E-mail                     

Martin Bramall        Tel: 0114-2639900      Fax: 0114-276-8581 or E-mail

Michelle Kelso        Tel: 0114-2639900        Fax: 0114-276-8581 or Email

Notes for Editors

Release date: 4th Quarter ’98

Format: PC

Price: RRP tba

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