Steve Marsden and Dave Cooke – Lincolnshire Echo Snippet

A Lincolnshire Echo article featuring Steve Marsden and Dave Cooke who were developing Costa Capers for Firebird – Telecomsoft’s software arm who were based in the West End of London just along from Stringfellows nightclub. The newspaper did a story and a competition to win a game. Steve Marsden posted this picture to his Facebook account saying “Do they even describe people as computer supremos anymore? Great times. Dave and I were in business together for almost 20 years and only this week we’ve been discussing electronics and software talking about collaborating again building a few gadgets.”

Steve and Dave would go onto be a satellite studio for Gremlin Graphics, called Gremlin Lincoln and developed games such as Blood Brothers and the brilliant Shadow of the Beast on 8-bit machines,

Photo, courtesy: Steve Marsden

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