HeroQuest (Archimedes)

HeroQuest was original licenced by Gremlin Graphics. They produced versions for a raft of home computers, but allowed Krisalis Software to produce a version for the Acorn Archimedes range of machines. Former Gremlin employees Peter Harrap and Shaun Hollingworth had taken an interest in the Arch and used their skills to produce many other games for the platform – including Lotus and Zool from the Gremlin catalogue. HeroQuest, was written by Keith Birkett  for the Rotherham firm.

Interestingly, the box shows a quick-fix used by companies such as Andy Payne’s Producers who used Amiga or Atari ST overflow boxes and stuck covering labels onto them to change the target machine. The Krisalis sticker on the reverse also covers the Gremlin address.

Categories:   1991, 32/64-Bit, Box Art / Inlays, Games, Media, Platform, Year


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