Basil The Great Mouse Detective (ZX Spectrum)

Gremlin released some questionable licenced content towards the second part of the 80s. Based on the 1986 Walt Disney animated movie, Basil was developed by the Gremlin Birmingham team for multiple platforms and featured colourful and large sprites.

Categories:   1987, 8-Bit, Artwork, Box Art / Inlays, Games, Media, Platform, Year, ZX Spectrum


  • Posted: 2nd July 2018 15:14

    Jon Harrison

    Thats brought back memories of Kevin Bulmer and myself and Gary Priest working on this. Shame Kev died so young. Great times - great site - how fast the years have shot by! J
    • Posted: 2nd July 2018 15:33


      Thanks for visting the site, Jon.

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