Micro Fun – Rotherham

A photograph of Micro Fun in Rotherham. A similar shop to Just MIcro, here with Gremlin’s Super Scramble Simulator advertised in the window.

Photograph credit to to Luke Wildsmith, the son of Paul Wildsmith who owned the business.

Categories:   1989, PR Material, Staff Photographs, The Company, Year


  • Posted: 30th August 2020 10:41


    Great memories running to this shop for the latest games, in particular Creatures I & II. I remember we'd saved up £9.99 or whatever it was in loose change (mainly 1p's and 2ps' !) over the last few months pestering relatives for odd bits of change. Finally we turned up at Micro Fun in 1992, we were 12 years old, and tried to buy Creatures II. Only we were a few pennies short ! The guy who worked there still let us have the game as he said it would save him going to the bank for change ! Then 25 years later I believe I spotted the shop guy whilst walking through Rotherham town centre. Unfortunately Micro Fun closed down long before that. Time flies.

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