Paul Hiley Photographs

Gremlin had an olympic torch from the 2000 Olympics on display at the time.

The Superman game area was a long office area on the ground floor of the building. Many desks had PCs and Playstation 2 devkits along the middle aisle. The two lines of green and blue LEDs converging into the distance had the appearance of runway lights.


The “Wrong Trousers” event was a charity event held by Infogrames.


The small kitchen on the lower floor saved a trip up to the main break room one floor above. Above the sink was a spoon chained up to prevent it getting lost.

Corridors of The Green House.

Corridors of The Green House.

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  • Posted: 14th June 2016 17:16

    Richard Hall

    Blimey i remember organising that.
  • Posted: 16th December 2017 11:25

    Asad H

    I can't believe those trousers! Everyone in fancy dress :)

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