Litil Divil

Having outgrown the capacity of floppy disks, Litil Divil was published on the new computers and consoles that supported optical storage mediums such as the Amiga CD32.

Categories:   16-Bit, 1993, Amiga CD32, Box Art / Inlays, Games, Platform, Year


  • Posted: 17th April 2018 11:16

    Ross Sillifant

    Finally had confirmation that the Atari ST version had been started, indeed a lot of work had gone into it, but it spanned too many disks etc. The Atari Jaguar version, which had been reported as finished..was nothing but Vapourware. It was considered but decision made not to proceed, instead focus on the PC and CD32 versions. I would like to thank the Litil Devil team for taking time out to share this information.

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