EXO Concept Artwork

EXO was a team-based FPS in development by Sheffield’s Particle Systems and due to be published by Infogrames for the new Playstation 2 console. Development for the new platform hindered the project, and its ambition eventually became its executioner as the team struggled to match the game’s high fidelity and visuals with the performance of Sony’s hardware.

It was cancelled around the time that Particle Systems was acquired by Argonaut, became Argonaut Sheffield and switched development to licensed products on the behest of its new owner. The studio was officially closed down in October 2004.


img_scan_208 img_scan_209 img_scan_213 img_scan_215 img_scan_216 img_scan_217 img_scan_218 img_scan_219 img_scan_221 img_scan_222 img_scan_223 img_scan_225 img_scan_226 img_scan_229 img_scan_231 img_scan_232 img_scan_234 img_scan_205 img_scan_206 img_scan_207

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