Bounder (ZX Spectrum Press Review / Pre-Production Copy)

Sold via an internet auction site, this interesting Pre-Production/Press Review copy of Bounder on the ZX Spectrum sold for £83.

The seller gave a little more information on the item “Given to me as a review copy back in 1985, this has been stored ever since. There were no more than half a dozen of these made by hand for the larger magazines of the day. The slightly crooked lettering on the insert shows it was done with a manual typewriter by someone in a hurry. Smaller magazines had to wait for the retail versions, but for ‘Feature Articles’, a few popular magazines often got sent an early copy such as this, rather than wait for all the printing and duplication to be done; as print deadlines could not wait.”

Categories:   1986, 8-Bit, Box Art / Inlays, Games, Platform, PR Material, The Company, Year, ZX Spectrum


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