Pool (Working Title) PR 1998

News Release  SP1.2

Rack ‘em and stack ‘em –

it’s Pool! (Working title)

Due for a November 27th release on Playstation and PC, Pool from Gremlin Interactive will fill a gaping void in the lives of all of you that dream of recreating past pub glories in the comfort of your own living-room.

Pool is one of the greatest pastimes on God’s Earth and the emergence of this quality title from Gremlin will have aficionados of the blue baize ‘cueing’ up to play.  With ten fully 3D polygonal pool room environments in which to shoot (including a gentlemen’s club, a surf shack, a casino and a bar as well as some hidden surprises), there should be somewhere for everyone. (There’s even a mini two-foot Chad Valley style toy-in-a-mate’s-garage version to recreate those halcyon days of  childhood!)*

A full 3D maths/physics engine has been in development for 2 years to ensure all ball movements and reactions are exact and as true to life as possible. The system actually allows balls to drop into pockets and even chipped off the table.

18 animated polygonal characters will be available, competing in various single player or multi player competitions – including the revolutionary ‘hustle mode’ which allows you to challenge opponents in their own particular lair. Successful hustling will bring rewards aplenty in the shape of extra characters and extra locations. All players differ wildly in appearance and playing style thanks to real artificial intelligence containing distinct personalities and multiple skill levels. (Including a four-player ‘Rockney’ style knees-up with ‘Snooker Loopy’ Chas and Dave!)**

With fourteen different game rules to choose from Pool is a game with a never ending lifespan. Amongst those from which to choose are 8 ball US, 8 ball UK, straight ball, speed pool and killer. The icing on this Pool meringue is the fact that you can also try your arm at trick shots, benefit from the ‘school of pool’,  or  play with or without training lines.


With this plethora of options available it’s easy to see why pool fans are already ‘chalking’ off the days until it’s arrival.

* No there isn’t.                      ** We’re joking of course!

For more information contact:

Martin Bramall        Tel: 0114-263-9900     Fax: 0114-276-8581 or Email

Michelle Kelso           Tel: 0114-263-9900    Fax: 0114-276-8581   or E-mail                     

Notes for Editors

Release date: 4th Quarter ’98

Format: PC-CD Rom/PlayStation

Price: RRP tba

PC owners with Power VRTM 3D cards will be able to enjoy an accelerated version of Pool.  The game will also support 3DFX.

10 3d Polygonal pool room environments

30 Tables with accurate physical and graphical modelling of pockets and cushions in sizes conforming to various pool governing bodies. Plus irregular shapes e.g. Hexagonal, Triangular, and different playing surfaces.

Full 3D maths/physics system which allow balls to drop into pockets and allow them to be chipped off table

18 Animated polygonal characters as full figures and close-up models

Real Artificial Intelligent opponents with distinct personalities and multiple skill  levels

Intelligent camera system gives best view of the action

Structured single player game

Animated arm / bridging hand indicating cueing position

Real-time training/aiming lines

Fast graphics ( 25 fps PSX PAL )

3D Acceleration and software rendering supported ( PC )

Tournament set-up 4, 8, 16 player locally and networked

There are three tables for each location -A standard US sized table (44X8=

8 in.) A non-standard sized table (ranging from UK pub sized to a full snooker

table), and an alternative table which range from Diamond shaped to L shaped.

The artificial intelligence in pool has been designed to simulate playing styles of real pool players, with each AI character having a distinctive style of play, individual personalities and predictable strengths and weaknesses

There are fourteen popular rule sets chosen for use in POOL with local variations and sub options:

3 Ball, 6 Ball, 8 Ball US, 8 Ball UK, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, Straight pool,

Rotation, Bank pool, One Pocket, Speed Pool, Killer, Cut-Throat, and 10 Pin

Bowl Pool.

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