HardWar PR (1998)


Gremlin Declares HardWar on CD-ROM!

HardWar from Gremlin Interactive is a futuristic arcade flight simulation which gives PC gamers a huge virtual world to explore, conquer and ultimately escape.

You are on operative, a free agent and a speculator. You can choose to become a trader, a scavenger or an aggressor – a killer, basically. Your home is the overcrowded claustrophobic, terminally ill city of Misplaced Optimism, the last of the crater clusters on the barren, mined-out planet of Titan. Scanning your in-ship communications channel for information about salvage or sabotage jobs throughout the hostile network of tunnel links and craters, you aim to better your reputation, gain credit, enhance your Moth (your ship and only real asset) and ultimately to escape from Titan; a fantasy for all but the powerful and influential.

You are free to do what you want within the solar powered city, the Light-Wells which charge ships and power the craters are free but hotly contested and you can expect payback from any serious criminal behaviour. It’s always a question of who you know; if you scratch no one’s back there’s plenty waiting to stab yours. Your maintenance is delivery, escort and salvage but as your reputation grows you’ll pick up more lucrative work like bounty, assassination and demolition. The pay-off is big time and so are the risks, but to trade up to a Warp drive Moth with F.U model firepower, on board CPU, top comms and interplanetary capability, you need at the HardWar you can get!

HardWar’s open-ended non-linear gameplay will appeal to anyone who likes a long-lasting challenge, the freedom to develop their own playing style and define their own objectives. You have total freedom to choose which factions you work for or against. Job offers come your way via the consent chatter over the communications channel.

There are many different missions on offer and the choices you make will affect the structure of each game, giving HardWar a great deal of depth and longevity.

HardWar takes place in a real-time environment, with Titan’s short night/day cycles affecting the performance of your solar powered craft. At night competition for re-fuelling at the few Light-Wells available is ferocious.

As well as flying, you can enter buildings and with enough money you can install new software to your on-board computer and add weapons, hard points and defence mechanisms and upgrade your craft to one of the five others available.

HardWar features a true 3D environment allowing players to explore all of their surroundings and an extensive 8-player network option with players co-operating or competing for the limited resources that are available.

HardWar will be one of the most exciting releases of 98. The graphics and sound are excellent, but then that’s not uncommon these days. What puts HardWar ahead of the competition is the artificial intelligence. The nefarious Factions, the Police, and Free Traders within the game will all  behave, learn from and react to the players acitons.

You won’t get the feeling you’re the one in Misplaced Optimism.

For more information contact

Martin Bramall (PR Manager)

or Michelle Kelso (PR Manager) on 0114 263 9900 or Fax 0114 272 2653


Format: PC CD-ROM

Release Date: September 1998


Non-Linear, open-ended gameplay.

Vast 3D city to explore.

Multi-player action and dogfights.

5 different, fully customisable craft including an array of weapons, on-board computer with a selection of software packages and a hanger to park it in.

Real-estate purchases.

8-player network option.

Highly advanced artificial intelligence routines.



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