Hogs of War Press Release

Included on an ECTS brochure for 1998, early release information for Hogs of War.

News Release SP V1.0

Our Leaders love the smell of Bacon in the Morning

This Little Piggy Went To War

Hogs of War is a skirmish action game based loosely around the time of World War One for PC and PlayStation. Six armies are ready for battle each representing a different nation from Pig World and each with their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

The action takes on place in a vast, highly detailed 3D landscape with around forty separate maps. Players choose to take control of one of six armies, either taking on up to three friends or computer opponents (in any combination) or indulging in one of the many single player campaigns.

Each army is clad in its own distinctive livery the inspiration for which and landscape is taken from bona fide world war one uniforms and settings creating an “edgy” cartoon environment in which the conflict is staged.

In single player mode the player battles through up to 40 missions with differing degrees of difficulty and a variety of objectives. These range from relatively straightforward reconnaissance missions right through to requests to destroy bridges and fortifications which require a little more daring do.

In multi-player mode, players choose a landscape from the specially designed “Deathmatch” levels, taking out their frustration on each other in a dark cartoon-battle to the finish. The random level generator, capable of generating a minimum of 140,000 billion different levels can also provide these arenas.


The player will begin each mission with up to ten pigs each, but reinforcements can be enlisted if losses prove excessive.  Each pig performs a number of different duties depending on rank and ability, ranging from mundane tasks like infantry patrols or trench digging through to bomb disposal and spying.


Notes For Editors

Format: PC/PlayStation

Release Date: Q1 ’99

Price: tba


Unique look, cartoon realistic pigs from WW1.  Violent gore adds to appeal.

Actua style pigs with heaps of captured animation.

40 single player missions.

Versatile control methods add up to tactical in depth play.  Explore each pig’s skills to triumph.

Randomly generated multiplayer battle arenas. Minimum 140,000 billion different levels

Vehicles and other instruments of war for pigs to use.

Particle effects use random fractal distributions for explosions. Players will never see the same effect twice

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