Tony Casson – A Gremlin in the Works

Tony Casson, producer on many Gremlin hit titles including Premier Manager is a contributor to A Gremlin in the Works – the companion book of the Gremlin Archive.

Available to order from Bitmap Books, “A Gremlin in the Works” is the officially endorsed history of Gremlin Graphics Limited and a perfect compliment to the Gremlin Graphics Archive.This lavish 572 page book plots the course of the company, from initial successes with Monty Mole, Jack The Nipper and Thing On A Spring, to its ground-breaking Lotus-branded racing games, and eventual purchase by Infogrames in 1999. Officially endorsed by founder Ian Stewart, A Gremlin In The Works by Mark Hardisty features interviews and anecdotes from all of its key members, including Chris Kerry, Ben Daglish and Greg Holmes, along with stalwarts of the UK gaming scene: Rod Cousens, Tim Chaney, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Geoff Brown and Infogrames founder Bruno Bonnell among many others.

Filled with game imagery, memorabilia and archive material such as old letters, business cards, staff photos and game design documents, this is an exhaustive and comprehensive chronicle of one of Britain’s best-loved developers, and a fascinating exploration of the meteoric rise of the gaming scene in the ’80s and ’90s.

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  • Posted: 17th March 2017 13:18


    Is this Tony who worked in Just Micro in the 80's with Greg's, cant remember Greg's surname but he did a few bitmaps pics for TCC - The Cream Crackers
    • Posted: 17th March 2017 13:21


      Yes, it is Tony that worked in Just Micro in the 80s. The book has the only colour photograph of the shop, plus a picture of Tony himself working in the shop. Who are the "Cream Crackers?"
  • Posted: 21st March 2017 11:52


    The Cream Crackers where a demo group in Sheffield, Tony would remember them as they where in Just Micro most days, this web site the scene 64 database has 4 of the demos available to download hope this helps by the way got he book for Christmas good work.
    • Posted: 21st March 2017 12:32


      Fantastic! Thank you!
    • Posted: 15th September 2017 16:05


      Thanks Ant. Hope you enjoy the book. I've created a blog post on TCC:

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