Zool 2 (Jaguar)

Gremlin were never afraid of putting titles on different, fringe and experimental platforms. The Jaguar port of The Warp Factory’s Zool 2 (that introduced a female counterpart to Zool, called Zooz) was a solid effort and remains one of the better games on Jaguar’s flawed 64-bit console.



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  • Posted: 9th May 2021 11:40

    Andrew Przelucki

    I had the game on the Jaguar console in the '90s, but it's now in 2021 that I'm really starting to admire and value this game! The Jaguar was a great console in terms of design - very nice console shape, but also it had plenty of potential in terms of hardware. The console should have been named Atari 64, or something more hardware-ish (like the competition had the Nintendo64, or the PlayStation; I also thought that "Saturn" was a somewhat too ambitious name, inappropriate). The Jaguar controller was lacking though - the numeric pad was a good idea perhaps, but Atari should have studied the subject more. The Super Nintendo gamepad was very well done and it was obviously the future of gamepads, and the example to follow and build on. What was Atari thinking?? The only plausible answer is the obvious: incompetent morons led the company into oblivion. The console itself was really great though - it was a great competitor to the Ultra 64: the shape was very nice and looked so well next to a N64, it had nice cartridges (the shape) as well, so it was a "same class" console in those terms. Maybe it didn't have such powerful electronics as the N64, but it was a strong, next gen console - it had very good games (Alien vs Predator was much better than the PlayStation version!) And the Atari console was also much cheaper than the competition. But again another shortcoming by Atari management and primarily by upper management: it was obvious that CD-ROMs were the way to go, not cartridges, and although the CD-ROM addon was also well done, it was a huge waste of resources on all sides. Yet another failure to study the gaming market. The SEGA CD and 32X were good examples of what to do, and what not to do. Such a shame the Atari console didn't gain more popularity, it was - at its core - a really great console. Just the name, the controller and memory storage... the rest was superb in my opinion (I had the N64, PlayStation and Saturn to form an opinion). By the way - the Atari Lynx hendheld was also a very well done console, I preferred it immediately to the SEGA Game Gear. It was much lighter, had a much better display and graphics, the cartridges were amazingly slim and the console could be flipped upside down for lefthanded people , or even played in portrait orientation for specific needs! So it was a very revolutionary concept, no doubt! Again I think that the name should have been hardware-ish, not relating to an animal (I respect and love animals, so this isn't because I don't like animals, but because a console is equipment, an electronic device, not an animal, and hence I think that names like GameCube, Dreamcast, PlayStation or Xbox - are much more suited for naming electronic hardware).

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